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DIY Germ & Grime Fighting Recipe – Multi-Surface Cleaner without Vinegar

Do you or someone you know hate the smell of cleaning with vinegar? But you still want to clean with a natural, effective DIY cleaner?

Natural Frugal: Raising 6 kids

Easy as 1,2,3 Spray Cleaner.

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Clean Counters, Walls, Mirrors, Glass, Stainless, Appliances, Bathrooms, Kitchen, Vehicles, High-chairs, Table, Nursery, Bedrooms, Laundry & even Air sanitizer & more.

My go to cleaner for most surfaces including glass is white vinegar. But many of you message me & say how you can not stand the smell of vinegar or the big one, your husband can not stand the smell. I can easy offer several options like adding your favorite essential oil, adding lemon juice or adding rubbing alcohol to help mask the scent of the vinegar until it dissipates. The other option I will be sharing today. What is it you ask? It is simply peroxide & essential oils.

Ok if you have read my other blog posts you know just how amazing peroxide is, it can be used in place of toxic bleach as a bleach alternative, for…

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The right way to go NoPoo – What you might be doing wrong

What you might be doing wrong

Natural Frugal: Raising 6 kids

Using NoPoo to wash hair does work & when done right does not harm hair.

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NoPoo in no way means not washing your hair, instead you are using simple products you have in your home to clean your hair or to make a homemade shampoo like combo.

Avoid toxins that weaken the immune system & worse. Use safe natural products & leave your hair cleaner & healthier than ever. No suds are needed to have the best hair ever.

I am sure you have heard of nopoo by now & I just about bet you have also seen the articles & videos stating things like NoPoo ruined my hair or baking soda is bad for hair because it is to PH or some other off the wall negative comments from people who either had a bad experience right away or things went bad after awhile.  Maybe you have had the…

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